Professional Poisons

Many of the rodent control products we supply are for purchase by professional users only. Whilst the current CRRU Training and Certification Work Group approved certificates are accepted, so are our online courses which are accredited through Lantra and you can find out more at

List of approved farm assurance schemes;

  • Agricultural Industries Confederation*
  • British Egg Industry Council Code of Practice for Lion Eggs*
  • Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Beef and Lamb
  • Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Dairy
  • Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Crops
  • Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Fresh Produce
  • Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Pigs
  • Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Poultry
  • Quality Meat Scotland – Cattle & Sheep
  • Quality Meat Scotland – Pigs
  • Scottish Quality Crops
  • Farm Assured Welsh Livestock – Beef & Lamb
  • Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assurance Scheme – Beef and Lamb*
  • Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assurance Cereals Scheme*
  • Laid in Britain
  • Quality British Turkey
  • Duck Assurance Scheme (Breeder Replacement, Breeder Layers, Hatcheries, Table Birds, Free-Range Table Birds)*

From April 2016 onwards, rodenticide products with new ‘stewardship conditions’ labels for use outside by professionals, including farmers, will be introduced carrying the following statement: “For supply to and use only by professional users holding certification demonstrating compliance with UK rodenticide stewardship regime requirements”.

Farmers who have completed an approved training course and obtained a certificate will be permitted to buy and use these products.
Also, membership of a stewardship-approved farm assurance scheme listed above will also permit purchase and use of these products.
More farm assurance schemes are being reviewed for stewardship compliance, which depends on inclusion of a standard requiring systematic rodent pest management.